Eleven-year-old Isa has a close connection to her mother Karin, a woman with a dark past and untreated anxieties. When a relative dies, the family must travel to Karin’s childhood...

The Soft Skin

In a rural community on decline, the symbiotic relationship between father and daughter is threatened when Anna asks her dad, a police officer, to help save a family of refugees...

The Andersson Brothers (Bröderna Andersson)

A film about Roy Andersson and his three brothers, depicted intimately and humorously by Roy’s niece and former co-worker, documentary filmmaker Johanna Bernhardson.
The Good Driver (poster lo rez)

The Good Driver

Ivan, a Bulgarian taxi driver living at the Golden Sands tourist resort, is saving money in order to go back to Finland to meet his wife and son, and to...

So Damn Easy Going

Joanna’s brain is like an analogue twitter, also known as ADHD. To get money she sells condoms with passed expiration date to her school mates.

Children of the Enemy

In 2014 Patricio Galvez’s daughter Amanda and her husband Michael Skråmo left Sweden to join ISIS in Syria. Five years later they were both killed, leaving behind seven small children.

Eva and Ramona

Swedish Eva and East German Ramona meet in the summer of 1971 as ten-year-olds in the former GDR. They form a lifelong friendship across the border between East and West....

Daniel (Ser du månen Daniel)

Based on Puk Damgård’s bestseller “Ser du månen, Daniel” and tells the true story of one of the most spectacular kidnappings in recent times.


13-year old Benjamin discovers that his mother didn’t die in an accident as he was led to believe. The trail points to high-ranking officials in the Danish Secret Service...

Phoenix (Fenix)

From a young age, Jill has acted as the responsible adult in her small family. She cares for her loving but mentally unstable mother and her younger brother. The news...

And Breathe Normally

Reykjanes peninsula is where And Breathe Normally takes place. And it is no coincidence. Reykjanes is a cross section of Icelandic society from all walks of life, including asylum-seekers and...
Affisch Tornet - The Tower

The Tower

This is an animated documentary where we explore the surrealism of life as refugees, and the troubles people face in their everyday lives in camps. It is a film about...

Beyond dreams
(Dröm vidare)

Mirja and her friends Sarah, Nina and Emmy never wanted to become a part of the society they grow up in.
Märta Proppmätt Affisch

Meaty Märta (Märta Proppmätt)

Guldfisken Märta Proppmätt hamnar ofta i en situation där hennes hunger försätter henne i ett dilemma. När akvariet får fler invånare blir det svårare för Märta att bara äta och...
Salvation Movie Poster

Salvation (Frelsun)

Katrín wakes up in the hospital after a serious car accident to find that she has received a life-saving blood transfusion. However, the religious cult she belongs to forbids such...

Champ des Possible

A contemporary city symphony where floating memories blend with the sounds of the streets and the natural elements, where tales of loss and love are mirrored by the demolition and...

Flocking (Flocken)

A small Swedish community which seems idyllic on the surface . But when fifteen -year-old Jennifer claims to have been raped by schoolmate Alexander, everything changes. The rumour rapidly spreads...

Underdog (Svenskjävel)

Sweden is more than idyllic red cottages and affordable furniture in flat packages. Today it is also a country with a youth unemployment so massive that hundreds of thousands of...

The Yearning Room

The Yearning Room is a romantic sex mystery that explores the boundaries between the body and the surrounding world.

The Best View (Bästa Utsikten)

Recently retired Tord has had enough. He is convinced that there is no love in our society anymore. No solidarity. He decides to gas himself to death a day when...

The Route 43 Miracle
(Mirakel utmed riksväg 43)

Holger Johansson is a very lonely man. Before it’s too late, there’s something he needs to get off his chest: a secret to reveal. The time has come to unfold...

Lucky Bastard
(Lyckliga jävel)

David and Liv are in a taxi after a partner change that went wrong and begin arguing in front of a foreign driver. A series of unpleasant truths leaves the...

Four more Years
(Fyra år till)

Synopsis: Four More Years is a romantic comedy about two Swedish political leaders from opposing parties who fall in love. One of them is openly gay and the other is...

Almost Elvis

Pirko hungers for love but no one pays him any attention.It doesn’t matter how hard he tries. After another social disaster at the local bar


A short film within the Doris Manifest. This is a crossover project between film and a neo-circus performance.

Frog (Grodan)

A little girl wants to take a roll of the prince, instead of the princess, in a theater piece at school.

Shall we dance (Får jag lov?)

Swedish dance bands are almost like American country music. In the 70’s there were 5000 dance band in Sweden and now there´re s only 500 left. The documentary portraits the...