A Doris Manifest film by Åsa Johannisson

A short film within the Doris Manifest,

This is a crossover project between film and a neo-circus performance.


Cast: Gry Lambertsen and Rune Andersen
Writer/director/choreographer: Åsa Johannisson
Producer: Producer: Annika Hellström, Lis Svensson Brandber
Cinematographer: Andras Lasmanis fsf
Art Director: Petra Valén
Composer: Maria Blom
Sound Designer: Mari-Louise Nilebrink

Swedish distribution: Folkets Bio Short film package 2009


Montreal World Film Festival (Kanada 27/8 – 7/9)
Nordisk Panorama – 5 Cities Film Festival (Reykjavík, Island 25 – 30/9) Canal plus award
Avant Garde Film Festival (Athen, Grekland 9 – 20/10)
Molodist – Kyiv International Film Festival (Ukraina 24/10 – 1/11)
Fox Days (Helsingfors, Finland 4 – 7/11)
Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Tyskland 4 – 8/11)

Kurye Video Festival (Istanbul, Turkiet 6 – 16/5) Palm Springs International ShortFest(22 – 28/6)
Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market (June 22-28, 2010).
MOLODIST Festival, Ukraina – Long nights of the short films: Sweden (SW) 2010
Official Section of the 36 BADALONA FILM FESTIVAL, 5 to 13 November 2010 in Badalona (Barcelona, Spain)
Selected to participate in the Competition of the 14th Ismailia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films, 2010, 2 – 9 October Egypt
24th Braunschweig Int’l Film Festival, Germany (Nov 9-14,2010

8 mars – Suchitra School of Cinema and Dramatic Arts, Bangalore, India
7th Annual San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, April 6-10, 2011

A Doris Manifest film by Åsa Johannisson


Gerd’s only friend is a goldfish. It has recently died. She’s alone. Finally she decides to buy a new fish. Back at home she discovers that she locked herself out – she has to climb up by the balcony pole!. She falls and almost drops the fish. A man appears to rescue. Together they find a way up by the poole and in to her apartment.