Title: The Tower (Tornet)

Original Title: Tornet

Format: Feature

Language: Swedish

Duration: 74 minutes

Release: 2018



Director: Mats Grorud

Screenwriters: Mats Grorud, Trygve Allister Diesen, Ståle Stein Berg

DOP: Sara Sponga, Nadine Buss

Editors: Silje Nordseth, Carsten Meinich, Anders Bergland, Margrete Vinnem

Producers: Frode Søbstad /, Patrice Nezan / Les Contes Modernes

Co-producer: Annika Hellström / Cinenic Film






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2019 Imaginaria (Special Jury Award), Italy

2019 Skip International D-Cinema Festival (GRAND PRIZE AWARD and AUDIENCE AWARD), Japan

2019 Anibar festival (FIRST PRIZE), Kosovo

2019 PEJA Anibar Animation International Film Festival (First Prize for the Feature Film category), Kosovo

2019 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Grand Prize Award for Feature Films category), South Korea

2019 Lisbon Animation Festival (Jury Special Award and Best Soundtrack Award), Lisbonne

2019 Festival des Toiles filantes (Jury Award), France

2019 Liv Ullmann’s Peace Prize and 2nd Prize for Best Animated Feature

2018 International Children’s Film Festival, Chicago

2018 Kosmorama Trondheim Internasjonale (Best Edit award), Norway

2018 Annecy International Film Festival, France

2018 Sydney Palestinian Film Festival, Australia

2018 Helsinki Love & Anarchy Festival, Finland

2018 Bergen International Film Festival, Norway

2018 Montpellier Rencontres Nationales Ecole & Cinéma, France

2018 Busan International Film Festival, France

2018 Maputo Fast Forward Festival – Ciclo de Cinema, Mosambique

2018 Ramallah Palestine Cinema Days, Palestine

2018 Gaza Palestine Cinema Days, Palestine

2018 London Palestine Film Festival, England

2018 Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt

2018 Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival, Belgium

2018 Marrakesh International Film Festival, Marocco

2018 Karama Human rights film festival, Jordan

2018 Paris Carrefour de l’animation, France

2018 Val de Marne Ciné Junior Festival, France

2018 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, Argentina

The Tower

Beirut, Lebanon, Today.
Wardi, an eleven-year-old Palestinian girl, lives with her whole family in
the refugee camp where she was born. Her beloved great-grandfather
Sidi was one of the first people to settle in the camp after being chased
from his home back in 1948. The day Sidi gives her the key to his old
house back in Galilee, she fears he may have lost hope of someday
going home. As she searches for Sidi’s lost hope around the camp, she
will collect her family’s testimonies, from one generation to the next.

The film is based on interviews with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.