Flocking (Flocken)

Produced by 2afilm, Agneta Fagerström Olsson & Annika Hellström

Produced by 2afilm, Agneta Fagerström Olsson & Annika Hellström


Script: Emma Broström
Director: Beata Gårdeler
Director of photography: Gösta Reiland
Production designer: Eller Furudahl
Casting: Lina Berger
Casting Norrland: Anette Winblad
Costume: Viktoria Mattila
Makeup: Lotta Högberg
Composer: Lisa Holmqvist
Editor: Linda Jildman
Lineproducer: Anna Björk

World sales:
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The Swedish Film Institute – pia.grunler@sfi.se

Sweden – Triart – eva.esseen.arndorff@triart.se

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Produced by 2afilm

Flocking (Flocken)

World premiere at Berlinale International Film Festival in the section Generation 14plus 2015. Winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Film.

A small Swedish community which seems idyllic on the surface . But when fifteen -year-old Jennifer claims to have been raped by schoolmate Alexander, everything changes. The rumour rapidly spreads throughout the community. And more and more people are convinced that Jennifer is lying. This is the beginning of a stirred up lynch chase in which an entire community turns against a young girl and her family.
A brutal collective where evidence and decisions of court mean nothing and where grown up people lay down their own rules and laws. Nothing is going too far. The only thing that matters is sticking with the flock.

The film which struck us the most was one which succeeds in continuously maintaining its oppressive atmosphere. This film gives us a precise and intense experience of the mechanisms of progressive social exclusion, triggered by an accusation. It excels in its portrayal of the role of social networks, where anonymity can lead to the unchecked build-up of aggression. A great cast, gripping dialog and unexpected developments combine to create an extraordinary work.

Festival awards:

The World Fiction Award went to Beata Gårdeler for Flocking at Los Angeles Film Festival

Film description: Breathtaking cinematography captures the desolation of a tiny Swedish village when a tight-knit community turns against a 15-year-old girl and her family after she reports being sexually assaulted by a popular classmate. North American Premiere.”
”Best script” and ”Best depiction of a woman” at the Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT)

Crystal bear Generation 14plus, Berlinale 2015.
 Best Original Music at Aubagne Film Festival. Los Angeles FF – “Best Word Fiction award”.
Best director and the Best screenplay and Best young actress at 18th Olympia International Film festival for children and young people. Golden Goath at the ALE Kino in Polen.
Best Script & Best female portrait at International Images film Festival for Women of Zimbabwe, Zlin FF, Brussels FF, Galway FF, Helsinki TT Film festival, Buster FF, Milano FF, Busan IFF – South Korea, BFI London FF,

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