The Best View (Bästa Utsikten)

By Petra Revenue


Henric Holmberg
Sten Ljunggren
Miran Kamala
Barbro Oborg
Tomas von Brömssen


Director/Scriptwriter: Petra Revenue
Cinematographer: Andreas Wessberg
Art Director: Petra Valén
Editor: Kristina Meiton
Composer: Björn Knutsson


By Petra Revenue

The Best View
(Bästa Utsikten)


Recently retired Tord has had enough. He is convinced that there is no love in our society anymore. No solidarity. He decides to gas himself to death a day when his wife, as usual, goes to work without even saying goodbye. However everything changes when Tord finds out about the new neighbor. Tord’s life suddenly makes sense again. He meets new friends who have become kind because of the same experience. However, complications arise when others in the neighborhood want to kick her out because she does not behave like everybody else. The new neighbour is not considered “normal”.

Director’s commentary about the film:

“Our fear and fixed ideas of “the others”, those who are not exactly like you or me, 
sets the boundaries between people and start conflicts at all levels. With this story I want to put my finger on that fear and show that it is possible to challenge it.”