By Petra Revenue och Samir Arabzadeh

Märta Proppmätt Affisch


Märta: Carina Södeman
Sonny Snigel: Jarle Hammer
Ulla-Olle Ostron: Morgan Larsson
Herkules Kampfisk: Henrik Johansson
Algmonstra: Åsa-Lena Hjelm
Pärlan: Zaza Myrstrand Jonsén


Screenplay: Petra Revenue
Directors: Petra Revenue, Samir Arabzadeh
Producer: Annika Hellström
Character designer: Paolo Chaz Gomez
DoP: Dwight Handro Buot
Editor: Samir Arabzadeh
Production Designer: Paolo Chaz Gomez & Kenneth Garcia
Sound Design: by Cloudberry studios
Music: Stefan Bellnäs
Co producer: Samir Arabzadeh
Executiv producer: Peter Björklund
In co-production with SVT, Swedish Public Broadcasting and Tre14 asia Inc and with support from Göteborgs Stad and the Swedish Film institute

Theatrical release: 23rd of September, 2017
Length: 28 min
Distributor: Folkets bio,
Rose-Marie Strand,


Märta Proppmätt visas på BUFF i Malmö, 19 – 24 mars

Den ingår också i Buff’s nya satsning: Buffilusk – BUFF på sjukhus

Det är inte alla barn som kan komma till BUFF. Då kommer BUFF till dem i stället. Under festivalen 2017 lanserades den digitala plattformen Buffilusk i ett pilotprojekt. Buffilusk ger barn som är inlagda på sjukhus möjlighet att se BUFF:s filmer via dator, platta eller i telefon.

By Petra Revenue och Samir Arabzadeh


This is the story about the hungriest goldfish in the universe. The idea is to talk about ecological balance and solidarity with children, and to have fun at the same time. Märta is a borderline fish with a huge appetite, longing for love and friendship. But her tendency to eat her friends is causing problems. Her habit to think of herself first is her everlasting dilemma. Märta has, despite of her many flaws, a heart of gold. She has to learn to accept and embrace differences.

A 3D, comical tale that takes place in an aquarium. Other fishes intrude and Meaty Märta wants to defend what she considers is her territory. Music plays a huge part in our corky universe.