The Route 43 Miracle
(Mirakel utmed riksväg 43)

By Ronnie Sandahl


Magnus Roosmann as Holger
Marina Nyström as Beatrice
Eivin Dahlgren as Hotel porter, Gynecologist, Priest


Director / Scriptwriter: Ronnie Sandahl
Director of Photography: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
Producer: Annika Hellström, Cinenic Film
Art Director: Erika von Weissenberg
Sound: Henric Ohlin
Editor: Kicki Niemi
Original music: Giorgio Giampà

Title: The route 43 miracle
Swedish title: Mirakel utmed riksvsäg 43
Production country: Sweden
Production year: 2012
Genre: Short fiction
Production company: Cinenic Film
With support from: Svenska Filminstitutet, AB Svensk Filmindustri, Film i Väst, Anagram produktion AB, Shoot & Post, Cloudberry Sound

Running time: 14:00 min
Frames per second: 25
Available formats: HD Cam / Digital file
Aspect ratio: 2.35 Cinemascope
Sound: Stereo / 5.1 mix
Dialogue: Swedish
Subtitles: English

By Ronnie Sandahl

The Route 43 Miracle
(Mirakel utmed
riksväg 43)


Holger Johansson is a very lonely man. Before it’s too late, there’s something he needs to get off his chest: a secret to reveal. The time has come to unfold the story of what happened that night, fifteen years ago – the night a miracle took place at a dreary concrete motel somewhere along Route 43. ”The Route 43 Miracle” is a humorous yet bittersweet tale of a lonesome Swedish man’s longing for something worthwhile, a point of it all, a glimmer of hope that it wasn’t all for nothing.

The route 43 Miracle

In the 65th edition of the Festival del film Locarno International Competition-Pardi di domain.
In Milwaukee film festival 2012, USA
Göteborg Film Festival 2013
Flickerfest Int. Competition, Australia