Lucky Bastard (Lyckliga jävel)

By Ronnie Sandahl


Julia Dufvenius Wollter
Christoffer Wollter
Norman Zulu


Director/Scriptwriter: Ronnie Sandahl
Cinematographer: Sophia Olsson
Art Director: Christian Olander

Festival Screenings and Awards:

Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden (Jan 2011)
FIKE International Short Film Festival
Portugal (Oct 2011)
Broadcasted SVT 1, Aug 2011 and Jan 2012

By Ronnie Sandahl

Lucky Bastard
(Lyckliga jävel)



David and Liv are in a taxi after a partner change that went wrong and begin arguing in front of a foreign driver. A series of unpleasant truths leaves the two former lovers in a broken relationship. And a taxi driver who does not understand what happened. Or at least that’s what we believe.