Ramona and Eva

A film by Minka Jakerson

In development


Director: Minka Jakerson
Producers: Annika Hellström, Erika Malmgren


Length: 58 min

A film by Minka Jakerson

Ramona and Eva


Eva Wilms is a successful Swedish artist from Gothenburg. After many years of hard work she is finally reaping the seeds of her efforts. Eva is preparing a bigger solo exhibition. Ramona and her second husband Haitham, an Iraqi refugee, live in the country side in the former East Germany. Together they run their farm and a bed and breakfast. To make ends meet they also deliver postal packages. Their economy is strained.

Both women are linked through a deep friendship. In the summer of 1971 they meet each other for the first time as 11-year-olds in the GDR, in the communist showcase city Karl- Marx-Stadt. The two girls, both lonely and vulnerable in their own way, become friends beyond system boundaries.

For Swedish Eva, the summers in the GDR are a sanctuary. It’s a place where she regains a sense of self-worth. As a Westerner she is admired and feels like a queen. For Ramona, self-expression is limited and in extension – self-worth.

As a young adult Ramona meets Andreas, an officer in the GDR army and is thereby forbidden by Stasi to keep in contact with Swedish Eva. Stasi forces Ramona to choose between her best friend, that means everything to her, and her husband, offering a family and social protection.